Getting The Most From Telemedicine

Dr. Karthik Rajasekaran was recently featured in a CancerToday magazine article where he discusses how patients can make the most of their telemedicine appointments. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Telemedicine has gained much more attention, but not all users are familiar with the platform or have enough experience with it.

Some practical tips for patients to optimize their virtual appointments include:

1) Sit in a well-lit location and avoid backlighting
2) Raise your device to eye level
3) Have a flashlight handy to shine on areas your doctor needs to see, or a spoon to act as a tongue depressor to see into the throat
4) Be sure your internet connection is stable and reliable
5) Have a second person available to assist, if possible

Sharing Dr. Rajasekaran’s comprehensive Telemedicine Guide with patients will also be helpful in optimizing their appointments.

Optimizing telemedicine encounters for oral and maxillofacial surgeons during the COVID-19 pandemic