Yale Cohen


Dr. Yale Cohen received his Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineer from the University of Michigan, and his PhD in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He has been a Professor of Otorhinolaryngology for seven years. Dr. Cohen’s laboratory integrates students from a variety of backgrounds including physicists, clinicians, engineers, and psychologists. They emphasize training in research and have hosted 20+ undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral researchers over the past five years. Administratively, Dr. Cohen is the Chair the University of Pennsylvania’s IACUC Committee and coordinates and oversees the regulatory and compliance components of 500+ investigators, 1600+ protocols, and 110,000+ animals. From 2012-2013, Dr. Cohen was Curriculum Director of the Neuroscience Graduate Group and oversaw a review and redevelopment of the Neuroscience curriculum.



Research Activities

The Cohen Lab examines how the brain combines sensory, motor, and cognitive cues to form internal computational models of the external world. They focus on identifying the neutral bases underlying auditory cognition in perception. Specifically, they focus on understanding the representation of auditory information in the cortex, how auditory information is integrated with cognitive processes, such as attention, decision making, motor planning, or memory, and how auditory and visual information is combined to form unified sensorypercepts. The lab is an innovator in this area by integrating neurotheological approaches with behavioral, psychophysical, computational, and neurophysiological methods to study the neural bases of auditory cognition.

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