Fellowship Programs: Sleep Medicine and Surgery

The Penn Sleep Center of the Department of Medicine offers a one-year, post-doctoral Sleep Medicine Fellowship. The ACGME-approved program, directed by Dr. Indira Gurubhagavatula, teaches the appropriate technical skills and ability to interpret polysomnography and other diagnostic tools used in sleep medicine.

The sleep surgery module of the sleep medicine fellowship is led by Dr. Dedhia, and covers advanced sleep surgery techniques, including drug-induced sedated endoscopy, functional septorhinoplasty, expansion sphincter pharyngoplasty, hypoglossal nerve stimulation, and maxillo-mandibular advancement.

Otolaryngology fellows accepted into the sleep fellowship (adult track) will spend 30% of their time (1/2 day clinic, 1 day OR) learning sleep surgery. Training locations include Dr. Dedhia’s CPAP Alternatives Clinic, the operating room, and the classroom.

Dr. Dedhia is the sleep surgery contact for the fellowship. To apply to the sleep medicine fellowship, contact Program Coordinator Lauren Reeve. For more information about the sleep medicine fellowship, please visit the Penn Sleep Center.

Otolaryngology Sleep Medicine Fellows 2020-2021

Mike Hutz, MD

Rachel Whelan, MD

Otolaryngology Sleep Medicine Fellows 2021-2022

Sebastian Jara, MD, MPH

Crystal Cheong, MD