Academic Research

The academic research program within the Department of Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery is a diverse program that encompasses a wide range of cutting edge approaches to solving related pathologies of the head and neck. The three primary divisions within the department are the Otology division, the Rhinology division and the Head and Neck Cancer division. Each division participates in both basic and translational research and maintains close ties with our clinical faculty in an effort to build a comprehensive translational research program that produces results with real therapeutic potential.

The overall research program is led by Erle S. Robertson, Ph.D. who was recruited in January 2016 to enhance and stimulate research activities within the department, and provide new and exciting opportunities for current and future investigators. Dr. Robertson is a leading investigator in viral associated cancers with over 20 years of experience. He works closely with department and Perelman School of Medicine senior leadership to strengthen our research program by fostering collaboration within the department and University. The long-term goal for our program is to create synergies between basic and clinical investigators, and to recruit new investigators who share our research interests and build upon our current successes.

Head and Neck Cancer Research

The head and neck cancer research division is a leading group of investigators in both basic and translational cancer research. The group includes Drs. Basu, Carey, Diab, White and Robertson.

Otology Research

The research division of Otology includes the laboratories of Drs. Cohen, Geffen and Li.

Rhinology Research

The research division of Rhinology, which includes Drs. Adappa, Cohen, Doty, Douglas, Kohanski and Lee, has been recognized for their contributions to understanding the molecular mechanisms of smell and taste with insights into curbing morbidity related to a number of head and neck pathologies.