Natasha Mirza, M.D.

Assessment of E-Cigarette and Vaporizer Use in ENT Patients
epidemiology – open

The purpose of the study is to examine the prevalence of electronic cigarette and vaporizer use among patients of our Otorhinolaryngology clinic.  Furthermore we wish to examine how electronic cigarette and vaporizer use compares to tobacco use.  Patients will be given a voluntary 6 question survey while waiting for their office visit in the clinic.  This survey will take less than 5 minutes and will be collected anonymously by clinic staff prior to the office visit with their doctor.

Tracheostomy-Specific QoL and Cost-Effectiveness
Clinical Resarch – open

Long-term tracheostomy can have significant effects on patients’ quality of life, such as impaired communication, dysphagia, restricted physical activity or neck mobility, altered perception of their appearance, and/or limiting of social experiences. The goals of this study are to evaluate tracheostomy-specific health-related QoL, to determine the cost effectiveness of long-term tracheostomy and to determine correlation between pt-reported vs. physician-reported outcomes.

Long-Term Voice and Swallowing Outcomes after Chemoradiation
Clinical Resarch – open

Chemoradiation (CRT) is a commonly-used approach for the treatment of non-laryngeal head and neck cancer (HNC).  It provides good locoregional control and survival outcomes, but has been associated with short-term and long-term toxicity leading to functional sequelae and negative impact on quality of life.  This study aims to examine the voice and swallowing function in HNC patients at least 5 years after completion of CRT.