Residents have 20 weeks in their PGY4 year dedicated to a research project of their own design. Most residents also pursue research projects throughout residency. Research support for residents includes:

  • Mentorship from research faculty on proposal and grant applications
  • Departmental research funding dedicated to resident projects
  • Assistance with IRB drafting and submission
  • Full coverage of travel and expenses associated with conference presentations

Residents develop a proposal with guidance from the faculty research committee and may choose to apply for national and Academy grants. Projects may be in areas including translational, basic science, clinical, and quality improvement/assurance, and are often multidisciplinary efforts with other departments or institutions. Past resident research collaborations and projects have included: 

  • School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
    • Robotics
    • Tissue engineering
  • Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics
  • Penn Medicine Healthcare Leadership in Quality Residency Track
  • University of Pennsylvania Multidisciplinary Airway Safety Committee
  • Penn Division of Sleep Medicine
  • Monell Chemical Senses Center