Current Otorhinolaryngology COVID-19 Literature Review

Otolaryngologic Procedures and COVID-19
As the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 continues to escalate in the United States and elsewhere, we are faced with developing methods to provide care to our patients while also keeping them, our co-workers, and ourselves safe. Much of the information available to date is anecdotal and is evolving as the pandemic continues, however, it would be imprudent not to use what data is available and learn from the experiences of countries such as China and Italy where the virus has been spreading longer.

Healthcare workers are at increased risk of exposure to and infection by the virus, and there is mounting evidence that otolaryngologists are one of the highest risk categories among doctors and healthcare workers.1,2 SARS-CoV-2 can be detected on swabs from the throat and particularly the nose of both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients3, and researchers have shown stability of the virus on surfaces for up to 72 hours and remaining in the air for at least 3 hours if not longer.4 It has also been found in the lung and oropharynx.5 Procedures that involve instrumentation of the upper airway including the nose, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, and trachea have the risk of aerosolizing particles.5 When aerosolized, the virus has been demonstrated to spread and contaminate multiple surfaces including that air exhaust vents that circulate air.6,7 In one case of endoscopic transnasal pituitary surgery in China, all 14 individuals who entered the operating room during the procedure later became infected, highlighting the potentially high infectivity associated with upper airway procedures, potentially owing to a higher viral load experienced in this type of exposure compared to a community exposure.1

If we compare the Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) nosocomial data to that of the SARS epidemic (SARS-CoV-1) of 2003, we saw that over 20% of those infected were medical personnel.8 For Covid-19, data from Lombardy (Italy) shows that 10% of all physicians and nurses tested positive in early March.9 In Wuhan, a case series of 138 patients at an academic hospital showed an infection rate of 29% of medical staff.10 Indeed, thousands of doctors have been infected in Wuhan and otolaryngologists have been reported to infected at higher rates than others.11

We do, however, still have an obligation to perform urgent and emergent cases in the interest of our patients for life-threatening situations or diseases, such as cancer, where failure to act will lead to high morbidity or eventual mortality. It is known that cancer patients are susceptible to infection – early data from China showed that among patients with Covid-19, there is a ~3 fold higher proportion with cancer than the incidence of cancer in the general population and that these patients did poorer in disease recovery.12 The CMS recently developed recommendations to assist with determining which cases should be deferred and which should not.13 We are struck, then, with finding a balance between providing essential treatment to our patients who need it while not placing ourselves and our hospital teams at unnecessary risk.

Although initial reports of asymptomatic carriers from Chinese data were low, it appears that up to 1/3 of patients who test positive may be asymptomatic.1,14,15 At this point, the majority of patients being tested in the US are symptomatic, meaning that there is likely a potentially large subset of sub-clinically infected individuals who may wind up on our operating room tables, placing our surgical teams at risk. Asymptomatic patients have been found to spread Covid-19 with high efficiency even when providers use conventional protection (face masks).1 There are reports of young healthy patients infected with Covid-19 being completely asymptomatic but still demonstrating visible ground-glass changes on radiography1,16 – suggesting that instrumenting the airway of an otherwise young, healthy and asymptomatic patient could aerosolize virus. In addition, while facemasks may protect non-respiratory mucosal surface, there is evidence that the virus can spread to health care workers through non-respiratory mucosal surfaces which was exemplified in the report of one worker exhibiting conjunctivitis before progressing to catarrhal symptoms and fever.1,17

Many centers have moved towards pre-operative screening of asymptomatic patients 48 hours prior to undergoing any aerosol generating procedure (airway procedures including laryngoscopy, nasal or sinus surgery, head and neck mucosal surgery, mastoid surgery) and even routine intubation – so all patients undergoing ay procedure under general anesthesia should be screened.6,18–20 Indeed, the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery developed a statement in response to the CMS guidelines, stating “unless emergent, surgical procedures should only be undertaken after ascertaining the COVID-19 status and then performed using either

N95 respirator masks with either goggles or a faceshield or PAPR.”21 Likewise the CDC and WHO recommend that health care workers wear a gown, gloves, goggles and a medical mask that protects against droplet-based transmission, and that once supply chains are restored the CDC recommends N95 masks specifically.22,23 The Chinese Society of Anesthesiology, The National University Health System of Singapore and the Stanford University guidelines however recommend using PAPR hood when available for high risk procedures including intubations.24,25

Of note, respiratory viruses have been found to contaminate 10.2% of the outer surfaces of medical masks even in a non-outbreak context26, we can therefore imagine viable virus particles on the mask surface that could contaminate the user when reapplying the mask if it is removed to be reused later (especially given the known 3 day surface stability4). The Dutch National Institute for Public Health carried out a study showing that sterilization of marks can successfully be performed with aerosolized hydrogen peroxide without deforming the mask or affecting its fit,27 which could be a better method of mask reuse.

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